Hi and welcome to Rogers Surfari and Reviews. My name is Craig and well to be honest I have an addiction to surfboards. I love riding them, I love looking at them and I love learning about them. Nothing gets me more excited than reading about boards, what is coming next and the evolution of the craft we enjoy so much . Like most surfers though I still work 8:30 – 5 every day Monday to Friday which only leaves me the weekends free to surf. I’m 100kg and 6’1 and find my sweet spot for litre-age in the 38 – 45L range


I am your everyday surfer who just has a desire to learn everything about the crafts I ride. I also have a desire to learn about the ocean that brings me so much joy. I hope these reviews help you choose your next board. In a world where there is an ever growing range of boards that leaves you scratching your head, thinking will this board work for me? I am hoping I can answer some of those questions for you.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me on crogers2908@gmail.com if there is a board you would like me to review please let me know. I would also love to hear your experiances on each of the boards I review, what worked for you, what didn’t along with fin choices and wave size. I hope waves are up wherever you are in the world.


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