JR – Voodoo

JR - Voodoo

JR – Voodoo (Tri-Epoxy)


Hi and welcome to another surfboard review from Rogers Surfari and Reviews. Today we are looking at what is described as a performance groveller. The JR Voodoo is fairly a wide, flat rocker short board that is designed to allow high performance surfing in those summer conditions we are all so used to here on the east of coast of Australia. It has a fairly low entry rocker, not much tail rocker, just enough to allow you to do those nice little cut backs and top turns in small weak surf. It has a slight single concave into slight double through the fins with a little bit of “V” out the back. That vee you can notice when you put this board on rail driving through a turn.


I actually once again had one that was undersized for me, yet it didn’t feel undersized which was amazing. I had a 5’10 x 20 ⅛ x 2 ½ coming in at 31.5L. The board however paddled and floated like a 33-34L board which really helped with paddling around the line up and catching waves, this may of been due the fact it was one of Jason’s Tri-epoxy boards. It paddled in easily and got up and moving well. I surfed this with FCS 2 Accelerators in large and on one 3-4ft barrelling day at the spit. I swapped it from a thruster to a quad using FCS 2 performer quad trailers in medium.


This board really surprised me in everything I threw at it. From 1-2 foot wind slop days at mermaid to 3-4ft  Alley and Spit this board handled it all like a champ. The flatter rocker never seemed to be an problem It could take a steep drop and pull in without issue. Yet when you stepped on the tail the thing would turn on a dime. I never had a bad surf on this board it just seemed to work in everything. While it may not be designed for those heavier days it will certainly handle it. I would put this board in the everyday category where by you know if you have it in the car you’ll have a good time. In a world where hybrids are reigning supreme this one that I would put at the top of the list for covering 90% of day to day conditions.


Unfortunately JR has removed the Voodoo from the lineup this year, but you can still order one through Board Cave as a custom order, I will link this down below.




Below is the full list sizes for the Voodo


5′ 4″ 18 3/4″ 2 3/16″ 23.50
5′ 5″ 19 0″ 2 1/4″ 24.90
5′ 6″ 19 1/4″ 2 1/4″ 25.80
5′ 7″ 19 1/2″ 2 5/16″ 27.20
5′ 8″ 19 5/8″ 2 5/16″ 28
5′ 9″ 19 7/8″ 2 3/8″ 29.50
5′ 10″ 20 1/8″ 2 1/2″ 31.50
5′ 11″ 20 3/8″ 2 5/8″ 33.90
6′ 0″ 20 5/8″ 2 5/8″ 35.00
6′ 1″ 20 7/8″ 2 3/4″ 37.50
6′ 2″ 21 1/8″ 2 7/8″ 40.00

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