DHD – Monster

DHD Monster 6’4 x 21 x 2 2/3

DHD – Monster


Hi and welcome to another review at Rogers Surfari and Reviews. Today we are talking about the DHD Monster. This originally came out around 3 years ago and has become a staple in the DHD line up.

This board is 6’4 x 21 x 2 ¾ coming in at 38L



  • Paddles easy
  • Lots of hold and drive
  • Still manoeuvrable 
  • Has wide wave range


  • Doesn’t like weak wind swell
  • Tail is a little wide to handle double overhead barrelling conditions


It has a reasonable single concave that feeds into a fairly deep double concave to give you plenty of lift, speed and drive and boy does it. DHD states this board is an all rounder and I would agree with that to a point. It needs a bit of shape to the wave if it is say knee high to get it going and make it move well. From about waist high to overhead whether it’s flat faced or hollow this board lit up. The drive and manoeuvrability compared to other boards I’ve ridden with a round tail was rather surprising. Round tails are known for having a lot of hold especially when pulling into barrels, but have really nice flow when doing carving turns. Since this tail isn’t as pulled in as say your dedicated step up,  this board wants to pivot and turn on a dime. This allowed me to pull off more vertical turns with ease. The wide point is a little forward which makes it easy to paddle and easy to get into waves. I also find when the wide point is forward of center it also makes it a more forgiving board but does mean you need to size it right. If you size it too long in a quest for volume you can end up landing with your front foot at the back or behind the wide point this will reduce your ability to use that wide point for what it is meant for and that is drive and planning. One thing I liked is the rails they are medium boxy but just in front of front fins a little further forward than some boards I’ve had the rails harden up which I really noticed when doing cut backs.


My best advice when sizing this board is place one on the ground and stand beside and find your comfortable surfing stance and see where your feet end up in relation to the wide point compared to the size you want. I’m not saying it has to be spot on but it does need to be at least close. It has a medium to low rocker which again helps with paddling in and getting over flat spots.  The Monster has a nice amount of tail rocker which compliments the round tail and helps with turning in the pocket.


Overall I found this board worked best in waist to overhead waves, though I think it could handle double head as long as the waves weren’t too hollow. I found it surfed best with FCS 1 Sunny fins or FCS 2 KA fins which have a fairly wide base, are reasonably deep but have a reasonably thin flexy tip that helps with that quick tail release. It’s a board that if you were going travelling and could only take one board I feel it would handle a lot of the conditions you would come across and want to surf.


Till Next time, Happy surfing.


If you would like to checkout a DHD Monster for yourself click here




The full size range is below


Length Width Thickness Vol (lt)
6’0 20 2 1/2 31
6’2 20 3/4 2 5/8 35
6’4 21 2 3/4 38
6’6 21 1/4 2 7/8 42
6’8 21 1/2 2 7/8 44
6’10 21 3/4 2 7/8 45.5
7’0 22 2 15/16 48.5
7’2 22 1/2 3 52


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