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  1. hey brother love the reviews been living vicariously through you for a bit as you are getting to ride all the boards i want to try! anywho, question: I have been researching the machado firewire line and think I am going to pull the trigger on one of these Black Friday deals in a couple days but am wondering which one of those machado boards is your favorite and which one you would recommend if you could only have one of them. I already have a 6’2 hypo crypto 37 liters (older epoxy model) and enjoy it and am wondering how the machado boards feel in comparison. any info would be great!


    1. Hey Mate,

      Stoked to hear you love the reviews. I’ve had to slow them down a bit of late but I’ll keep them coming.

      The Machado range is a wonderful selection. If you after something of a different feel to the Hypto but still easy to jump between I would say the Go Fish it still performs but will give you more a glide feel with the keels. If you want to replace the Hypto then the Midas. It’s the most similar sensation to the Hypto. It goes well as a twin or thruster so you can mix it up and is just about as fast as the Hypto.

      I haven’t written the Midas review yet but I will be soon along with the Melted Butter though it’s not going into production.


  2. thanks for the feedback! how about the almond butter compared to hypto, and because I have to ask, of the Midas, almond butter, go fish which do you prefer as your all around or “favorite” of the three? i know they all have different situational value but which one really “speaks” to you… sorry would have emailed but for some reason it got bounced back!


    1. All good, I thought I fixed the email, no worries I’ll look into it.

      honestly the Almond speaks the most to me and I’ve put through the widest range of conditions. It’s a board I’ll never get rid of, I ride it this morning after riding the Hypto Tuesday in that pulse of swell we got on the Goldie and still it flew and was a ball. Plus if you are on the Gold Coast Kirra surf have a few on sale and so do Beach Beat on that sunny coast. If you want fun go the Almond.


  3. hey craig, i ordered the 6’0 almond butter but they just wrote back saying they need to see if there are anymore that size in stock; in the event that there are not, do you think the next size up 6’2 is going to be quite a bit more bulky and cumbersome? I am 6’1 188 lbs and currently ride a hytpo that is 6’2 38 liters. I would like to be able to ride this board in a variety of waves and the extra volume will obviously help with mushier days but I am concerned if its going to effect performance adversely on steeper hollow beach break. any input would be much appreciated…


    1. I don’t think so it’s a shape that does lend itself to going a touch longer, my concern would be duck diving in bigger waves as it brings it up to a touch over 40L I know there’s a 6’0 I think at Kirra surf or maybe at Quicksilver outlet store. Just depends where your located.

      To answer the shape no shouldn’t be an issue at 6’2 but maybe getting out on bigger days will be. I’ve noticed the difference getting my melted out it’s 39L but I ride a 36l Hypto. Maybe if push comes to shove go down to the 5’10 it’s 35L and will fit into steeper drops better.


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