Primitive Surf – 4 Play

Rees Shapes – 4Play (MVP Channel Bottom)

Hi and Welcome to another surfboard review, today we are talking about a brand that is really only known by the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast locals here in Australia. Primitive Surf pride themselves on custom boards and could create anything you wanted. Unfortunately after 22 years they have had to close in the next couple of weeks as they’ve stated due to “poor waves and sales over summer, it’s not possible to keep going”. I do find this a little disappointing as Craig Rees and his team were one the last shapers out there who created boards at a great price that worked really well.

The board I have from them is know as the 4Play it’s a 4 channel version of their ever popular MVP model which I’ve also ridden and it works great as a performance all rounder. The board is 6’5 x 21 x 2 ⅞ set up as thruster only. This board in stock standard white with carbon patches cost $650 in total since i added the bottom carbon strips and the resin tint it cost $800 which I think is pretty reasonable since most brands the boards at $800+ just for the stock standard white with carbon tail patches and to add colour can push the board well into the $900 or $1000 mark.

First thing I noticed about this board is how fast it picks up speed this is due to the lower entry rocker combined with a deep single concave that starts right up near the nose that moves into a deep double just before the channels with the 4 parallel channels running out through the fins. The channels are not too deep so the board is still maurovable but you can still feel their effect which I found made this board better at points then on beach breaks. In saying that the drive and speed this board has made it easy to drive round sections on beach breaks with ease. I started surfing it with large FCS2 MF but ended up settling on FCS2 large AM-2 for day to day surfing and the MF when the surf turns on and I’m not after turns just speed and drive.

It did take me a little while to click with this board as I haven’t ridden a channel bottom much since I first started surfing in 2000. This actually really frustrated me as I liked the board but found it wouldn’t react the way I wanted it too, which lead me to realise that for a one board quiver I really should have gone with the MVP as it has everything this board has without the channels and squash square tail instead of the swallow.

I’ll be honest I don’t ride this board much except for when I’m going to a point break, I just can’t click with it on a beach break. But for someone how does want a channel bottom it works well in a variety of conditions. I’ve surfed this in 1-2ft mush all the way up to 6 foot and barrelling, this is where the channels became useful as it allowed me to drive out barrels with so much speed. If you however have never ridden channels I would highly recommend the MVP over this model. Though as I mentioned Primitive surf are closing as the end of this week. Which means if you ever want to try one these boards you’ll have to keep an eye out on the second hand market.

One thing I loved about Primitive is while they do have off the racks they more often than not will custom make the board to suit you. This takes 4 weeks and means you get the board you want and don’t have to go with closer enough is good enough size wise.

I’ll be doing a review on the MVP in the near future as a mate of mine has one and since getting it has not stop raving about it.

As always keep surfing and until next week.

Until they close you can visit Primitive here, they having a closing down sale this weekend


601 Nudgee Road Nundah Brisbane Queensland Australia 4012


Or visit the website


As most of the boards are custom there really isn’t a size list.


If you would like to see how the 4Play surfs click below.


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