Lost Mayhem – V3 Rocket (Carbon Wrap)



Lost Mayhem – V3 Rocket (Carbon Wrap)


Hi and Welcome to Rogers Surfboard reviews, thanks for stopping by. Today we are talking about one of the most popular boards and well rounded boards from the Lost Mayhem stable. Matt Biolos is one of my favorite shapers he creates some real user friendly boards for the everyday surfer instead of line up been mainly HP shortboards.

The V3 Rocket is the next evolution of the ever popular Rocket family, they’ve kept the rocket tail added a couple of small flyers which i’ll get to shortly. The entry rocker is relaxed, there isn’t too much tail lift. It has a single to double concave and does carry its thickness through the middle of the board. I had 6’6 x 21 ½ x 2 ⅞ coming in at 45.05L which I did find was too big in the end. In hindsight I would prefered the 6’2 which is 37.5L. This is not to say I didn’t get a lot of work done on the 6’6 I just found it a little overpowering at time especially in bigger trade swells that really get you up and moving. When sizing this board I would look at keeping it in the same volume range as your standard shortboard possibly a touch under as the wide tail block and flatter rocker really gives it lots of get up and go.

I mainly rode this board with FCS MF in large and found it worked really well. Lots of drive and grip when you needed and when you put it on rail it jammed. This brings me to the “flyers” you’ll notice the first one is set in line with the front fins and where your tail pad generally starts. The second one is set just in front the start of the trailing fin. These are placed to help give you release points along with drawing the tail in a little to help pivot. If you a surfer who is more intermediate to advanced this does allow you to use the flyers to generate speed with your foot lined up with the first flyer and then shift it back to use them to release the tail. The V3 has single concave feeding into a double through the fins. Its not overly deep just enough to get the job done.

I surfed this board in a wide variety of conditions, but the times it really stood out was on point breaks around 2-3ft with a good amount of power and those nice lined up walls. This allowed you to really make use of all the things the V3 rocket has on offer. Put the board on rail and just drove round without and slips, it was just a fun board that brought a smile you your face. One thing I would highly recommend as I have surfed the PU version as well is spend the extra money for the carbon wrap, not only for how durable it is but it does have a much fast flex that really helps the average surfer finisher there wraps, cut backs or top turns with more speed then a PU will give. While the carbon wrap technology is nowhere near as durable as some other techs on the market it is still above the standard PU. Plus it looks cool

For the waves most of us come across in our everyday worker/surfer lives this board will suit them all from lower intermediate to advanced. As I mentioned sizing is important as the wider tail will mean if you over size it to much it will be hard to turn. But as the wide point is fairly central you can afford to go a little over size if you are chasing some extra paddle power.

All in all the V3 keeps the performance hybrid alive, allowing your everyday surfer to have one board that covers all their bases and enjoy 90% of the waves we all surf. My one dislike for the board is really the tail rocker and this may have been due to the fact the board was way over size but I really struggled to get the board vertical no matter what fins I put into the board to try and add pivot. I would be keen to try one again more in normal volume range to see how it compares.

Till next time keep surfing.

If there is a board you would like to know more about comment down below as I have a whole range of reviews in the works.

To get a V3 Rocket of your own you can visit



Kirra Surf

While I never got video footage of me riding mine you can click here to see Chris Ward Ripping on one here






Full Size Guide

5′ 2″18 1/4″2 3/16″22.5L

5′ 3″18 1/2″2 1/8″23.3L

5′ 4″18 3/4″2 1/8″24.4L

5′ 5″19″2 1/4″25.9L

5′ 6″19 1/4″2 1/4″26.5L

5′ 7″19 3/8″2 5/16″27.9L

5′ 8″19 1/2″2 5/16″28.6L

5′ 9″19 3/4″2 3/8″30L

5′ 10″20″2 1/2″32.3L

5′ 11″20 1/4″2 1/2″33.3L

6′ 0″20 1/4″2 9/16″34.6L

6′ 1″20 3/8″2 5/8″36.2L

6′ 2″20 1/2″2 5/8″37.3L

6′ 3″20 3/4″2 3/4″39.8L

6′ 4″21″2 3/4″41L

6′ 6″21 1/2″2 7/8″45L

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