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Hi and welcome to Rogers Surfboard Reviews, today we have the JS Monsta Box. I’m riding a 6’4 x 20 ¾ x 2 ¾ coming in at 38.8L. I got the Monsta Box as after riding so many epoxy boards lately I wanted to come back to a PU just for a change of pace. I think I made the right choice with the Monsta Box it is classed as an all rounder/daily driver and it does this very well. Better than some all rounders out there that end up leaning to either performance and are not ideal in subpar conditions or come alive in subpar conditions and are uncontrollable when the waves turn on.


The Monsta Box however just seems to work well in either. One surf comes to mind, yesterday morning we had a mid period East Swell appear in the 2-3FT+ range and the board worked insane. It was fast controlled and just flowed really well down the point I was surfing out. Then this morning the swell had back off it is still from the East but down around 1-2FT it was high tide first thing this morning so the waves were fat. I managed to find a nice little right bank on one of the local beachies and once again the Monsta Box was making sections carrying heaps of speed over the flat spots so this sweet little inside section and you tag the lip or throw a big turn off the closeout section. It made surfing these not ideal conditions so much fun.


The Monsta Box is a blend of the Monsta 6 which is JS high performance short board and the Black Box 2 which his 1-4FT performance groveller similar to the Spitfire by Firewire or Voodoo by JR if want to check out those reviews you can click here or here. The Monsta Box blends these two boards to make a board that works in 1-6FT, fat or barrelling it will suit them all. It has medium to low entry rocker and exit rocker a nice single concave that feeds into a double out the back giving you plenty of lift and speed in those subpar conditions by still remaining reactive so you can surf in the pocket. I’m really enjoying this board and I don’t think it will be one I’ll be getting rid of in a hurry. It sits nicely in my quiver and suits those conditions that sometimes my epoxy boards don’t like as much, mainly those choppy conditions in summer.


If you’re after a one board quiver I would highly recommend the Monsta Box as it will get through 90% of the waves you’ll surf anywhere around the world. It does come in a round tail which a mate of mine has and he has surfed his every where around the coast to over in Bali, 1-2 FT mush 5-6FT barrelling perfection and it has handled it all without a fault. If you do like epoxy boards more you can also get it in the squash tail or the round tail in JS HYFI construction.

If you keen on getting a Monsta Box for yourself, visit the wonderful team at Beach Beat Alexandra Headland

164 Alexandra Parade

Alexandra Headland

Queensland 4572

Phone: (07) 5443 2777



The Full Monsta Box range is below

One thought on “JS – Monsta Box

  1. Hey mate,

    I’m looking at getting a Monsta Box round tail or a DHD Monster round tail – at about 35 litres – and just curious on you thoughts on the rail differences. I’m wary of teh more boxy rails for the DHD


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