Pyzel/Firewire – Amigo


Hi surf fans and welcome to 2019. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here and there’s a few reasons for that mainly work got in the way and I wanted to spend more time on each board before posting. My aim moving forward is to have fewer boards in rotation and spend more time going over them with detail before I review it.

So the first board for 2019 is one that is unfortunately now hard to come by but not impossible. The Pyzel/Firewire Amigo. I had a 6’4 x 20 3/4 x 2 5/8 coming in at 36.2L now the PU version from pyzel comes in at 38L and I will admit the Firewire version paddles like 38L so I’m not sure why the 36.2L but this is something to keep in mind when buying one is to not be turned off by the volume. If it suits your dimensions then likely it will be fine.

Now the pyzel website puts the Amigo in the daily driver category and I would agree with this the rails are low but not annoyingly so if there’s some bump and texture. The entry rocker is relaxed but will still handle a steep drop and there is healthy amount of tail rocker and hip that allows it to turn on a dime or carve through the open face with ease. The slightly more pulled in rounded squash allows hold and release. One thing I have learnt is I like tail rocker this due to my front footed stance when riding.


The Amigo has a nice single to double concave that isn’t overly aggressive but compliments the rails and rocker beautifully. Now don’t get me wrong it’s not a great groveller it does like some push doesn’t need to hollow just needs some power to come to life. It’s a performance board in a user friendly outline that will hunt the barrel well, snap in the pocket without poking the nose and will still hold rail for a open face carve. It is a board that requires rider input to get the most out of board and generate speed.

I only used one set of fins and that was the 4 phase flex large Shapers Driver fin as thruster I felt this gave me a good combination of hold and release with the smaller centre rear fin and work perfectly in the waist to overhead conditions I surfed the board in. These were in futures but they can be also brought in FCS1 and in some places FCS2 bases

This is not a board for a beginner and I would recommend it for someone in the upper intermediate range. It’s a fun board that really pushes your surfing and allow good progression. If this is something you are after then I would recommend finding one online or at your local surf shop. The FST tech that they care us bullet proof and will last as long as you want it too.

Let me know if you’ve got an Amigo and what you think of it.

Till next time, I hope the waves are up where ever you are.

7 thoughts on “Pyzel/Firewire – Amigo

  1. Hey Mate,
    Sydluxer from the old Firewire forum here. Hope you’re well!
    Just got the 6’0 as well, haven’t surfed it yet, due to snow season here. Will let you know if a not so high intermediate will be able to enjoy it 🙂
    Have you got your Seaside yet? Should receive mine next week, really keen to get it wet!


    1. Keen to hear how you like it, snow would kinda upset things a little lol. I think you’ll like it, I still haven’t gotten a seaside yet I’m super keen to get on one. But something keeps coming up that takes the funds away 😂😂 hopefully in the next month or so I’ll get one.


      1. Looking forward to hear what you will have to say about the Seaside!
        What’s your current quiver by the way?

        Man I miss the firewire forum. Are you active somewhere else? Besides on here I mean? Maybe we can get all the old mates from the forum over to chat on here 😀


      2. I’m super keen for a seaside.

        Currently I’ve got the Melted still, JR slab maiden, JR sloth

        No this is the only place I’m still active I haven’t really gone hunting to see what other forums are around. I’ll send some messages out for those I’ve got emails and numbers for a few of the FW guys might try and set a forum up on here.


      3. That would be really cool! 🙂
        Regarding detaisl from old FW Forum guys, I have Apache’s, in case you don’t already have them.

        Oh I forgot you had the Sloth. Perfect summer board. Looking forward to your review mate!


      4. I’ve only got Ifx.64, evo and Fitchy so I’ve you’ve got Apache’s happy for you to let him know about this.

        I’m going to do the sloth review this week I’ve gone through so many fun combos and conditions it’s a great board.


  2. hey, i also miss the firewire forums, any idea why they stopped supporting them? i once sent an email to firewire and they said they were going to check them but seems not . by the way i remember i got a recommendation for the amigo from Apache last year and it was spot on, I am enjoying a lot the board!


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