Pyzel/Firewire – Amigo

Hi surf fans and welcome to 2019. I know it's been a while since I've posted on here and there's a few reasons for that mainly work got in the way and I wanted to spend more time on each board before posting. My aim moving forward is to have fewer boards in rotation and … Continue reading Pyzel/Firewire – Amigo

Firewire – Baked Potato

Firewire - Baked Potato   Hi and welcome to Rogers Surfaris and Reviews. Today we are talking about one of Dann Mann’s most successful boards with Firewire, The Baked Potato. The Baked Potato falls into the Hyper Groveler category only with its brothers the Sweet Potato and the Potatonator, though the Potatonator has been removed … Continue reading Firewire – Baked Potato